About “LET THERE BE LTE” and it’s goal

This is essentially CCT’s public relations campaign to inform the BVI that we have answered the Minister of Communications & Works Challenge made in 2012. CCT has made a significant investment in its Network and are eagerly awaiting regulatory approval. Therefore our goal is to ensure that CCT’s investment does not turn out to be in vain.


CCT Launching LTE

While we are ready to launch, CCT will not be launching its LTE at this time. We are still awaiting regulatory approval.

  • 2G is the 2nd Generation of cellular data technology also known as EDGE. 2G is only capable of voice and limited data communication.
  • 3G is the 3rd Generation of cellular data technology also known as HSPA. 3G is capable of voice and high speed data which is faster than 2G.
  • 4G as it’s defined in America and the BVI is actually advanced 3rd Generation of cellular data technology also known as HSPA+ which is capable of simultaneously transmitting voice and data. 4G is faster than 3G. Depending on your handset you may see (H, H+, 4G or 3G).
  • 4G LTE is real 4th Generation of cellular data technology, the latest, fastest technology offering highest speed data and incorporating both HSPA+ (i.e. 4G) and LTE (i.e. 4G LTE) cellular data technology.

Yes, CCT has both 4G and 4G LTE.

Currently, 4G LTE service is not available commercially because we are waiting for regulatory approval.

With faster Internet speeds you can now stream videos, music, browse at faster speed. You can use voice and data at the same time. Once TRC approves CCT’s ability to offer the LTE component to our network we will see significate improvement in quality of service – in terms of data speed and coverage.

This is because the 4G or HSPA+ is based on enhanced 3G technology. (Please refer back to question 1 answer 3)

In cases where you do not have a 3G Quad Band phone, you will need to upgrade your handset. Please visit our retail store for upgrade options:

  • Postpaid Customers receive a FREE Unnecto Primo 3G Quad Band Phone
  • Prepaid Customers, Top Up $25 and receive a FEEE Unnecto Primo 3G Quad Band Phone

You can research the specs of your handset on the internet. However a Team CCT Representative would be happy to assist you. Feel free to call 444-4444 or visit the CCT Retail Store.

If your phone is not 3G Quad Band at this time you will have to upgrade to at least a 3G Quad Band phone. This is due to the fact that voice and data are transmitted over the same network.

Data is sold based on individual usage or need. CCT’s postpaid mobile data is still considered unlimited. However customers will experience a throttle down to 128kps at the end of their package allotment.

No. For postpaid customers there will be no overage charges for data consumption. Postpaid customers will experience a throttle down in data at the end of their package allotment. Prepaid customers will simply need to replenish with a new data bundle once they have exceeded their package allotment. Should a prepaid customer choose not purchase a data package, they will be charged at 15 cents per MB.

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