What does It Mean To Be #TeamCCT

CCT Freedom Plan Zero Application
CCT Freedom Plan Zero Application
  • Apply today for an opportunity to be part of our winning team – #TeamCCT. Email your resume to

  • As the only wholly locally owned and operated telecommunications company, CCT offers the best opportunity for career growth because all of management positions are here in the Virgin Islands.
  • As the only telecommunications company with all aspects of their network here, we also have the widest array of opportunities in the Virgin Islands.
  • CCT is always looking for talent as we continually re-tool to meet the challenges of ever changing technology.
  • CCT has invested in the best telecommunications technology available and we are committed to assembling the best local talent to match.
  • CCT is committed to the concept of meritocracy where everyone’s contribution is appreciated and everyone has opportunity to advance and progress. For example, access to senior management is unprecedented.
  • CCT is a competitive organization where the performance is rewarded because we believe CCT’s success is intimately tied to our employees’ success. Bottom line, we have a friendly competition internally and an unfriendly competition externally. We are looking for people who are not afraid to compete.
  • CCT offers extensive training. For example we are spending over $100K in training our technical team on new equipment.
  • CCT offers competitive salaries and benefits including health insurance, phone and Internet services, etc. commensurate with function, training and experience.
  • CCT is the home team creating real opportunities for locals. Our connection to this community is REAL not simply marketing and promotion. When we win you win. We are you and you are us.