Feel free to select the topic you need help with. At CCT Customer Service is very important to us.  Should you not find what you are looking for our live and local customer service agents are available 7 days per week 8AM to 8PM via 284-444-4444.


No, the data that was activated will still be available for use. When the customer activates another Hero plan it will be added to the hero plan and the expiration date will take on that of the Hero plan.

Yes, a customer can simply top up and activate a data plan.

  • Top up the amount for the plan, dial *611#  and look for the option in or USSD menu
  • Come to the store, top up the amount for the plan and get assistance from one of our representative
  • Top up the amount for the plan and call 444-4444 for assistance.

Any CCT prepaid customer can activate and use a hero plan

Hero plans are bundled with data, US and BVI talk minutes plus UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE text messaging

SuperHero, Hero and Sidekick

We wanted to provide customers with better option for bundle packages at more affordable, competitive pricing.

Customers can call our call center (444-4444) or email and request to have their number removed from the message blast list.

Additionally please note:

  • CCT has an obligation under s.18 of the Telecommunications Act not to disclose any confidential, personal and proprietary information of a user to any third party;
  • Request for removal from Marketing text list will be actioned within 3 days
    • Customer shall not receive mobile marketing messages upon opting out for an indefinite period of time.
    • Notice to the user that opting-out is not available in relation to:
      • messages containing information as to the user’s account with CCT e.g. credit balances;
      • public announcements on national emergencies and disaster management measures;
      • messages relating to national security;
      • public service announcements (e.g. related Electricity & Water service)
    • If you have decided to opt out of receiving Marketing messages and you are still receiving them please contact CCT customer service.

Customers have a right to complain to the Commission where CCT has not satisfactorily dealt with your compliant within twenty (20) business days. You may submit your complaint to the Commission through email or through an online complaint form which can be found on their website .

In the event of a lost or stolen phone please dial customer care at 284-444-4444 or visit our store to have your phone suspended immediately.

We should have links and state if you are having issues please power cycle and if you are still having issues please contact customer service at 284-444-4444.

There are several reasons that may cause dropped calls such as traveling in an area with poor reception, receiving interference with building structures or other electronic device or an issue with your phone. Please dial 284-444-4444 for assistance with this issue.

If you are in CCT’s home coverage area and you’re picking up another cell site please go to

‘Settings’, choose manual setting and choose CCT to avoid roaming charges.

Make sure your receiving a good signal if not power your phone off and back on

Make sure the no service indicator isn’t displayed on your phone if it is please take battery out of phone put the battery back on and turn the phone on. If you have a phone that has a permanent battery such as an IPhone please do a manual scan for CCT.

If none of these steps resolve the issues please call us from another phone at 284-444-4444.

Please visit our store in Road Town or Virgin Gorda or contact us at 284-444-4444 for further assistance.

30 days, the warranty only covers manufacture defects

It can be expensive due to emails and social media and other background apps working nonstop, to avoid high data roaming bills please turn off data roaming on your mobile phone.

When roaming your home packages don’t apply, you are charged for all activity including incoming calls at various rates depending on the carrier; voice roaming rates can average between $.50 and $2.00 per minute depending on where you are calling.

Please click this link to see postpaid and prepaid roaming destinations

Please contact us at 284-444-4444 or visit our stores to request roaming, you will also need to have a Quad Band Phone

Roaming is when you are using an outside carrier’s service which occurs when your phone leaves our home coverage area. Please see our Home Coverage Map (link)

The 12 month and 24 month contracts will allow you discounted devices and rate plan protection

It depends on the type of phone, the 3G is 3G+ which is 4G and the H is also 3G+.

A discounted device can be received during a promotion or sale

A discounted device can also be received when signing up for postpaid service. A sales rep can advise on availability.

  • Some CCT sold phones are locked to our network. Please check with a sales rep to be sure.

Monday through Sunday, 8:00am-8:00pm

  • In the event you have a billing issue please contact a CCT Customer Service Rep by calling 284-444-4444.
  • You can also email us at
  • Or as always you're welcome to visit our store in Road Town or Virgin Gorda
  • Bills are due on the 22nd of each month
  • Bills can be received by email. To set up email billing contact customer care at 284-444-4444.
  • Bills can be received online. To access, click on myCCT postpaid to register.
  • Bills can be received by regular mail
  • To get the best of our advanced network and our roaming agreements we recommend Unlocked Quad Band Smartphones
  • Automatic Credit Card Payment. Please call us at 284-444-4444 or visit store to set up
  • Online Bill Pay. Click on myCCT postpaid to register and manage your account.
  • Pay by Bank. To set up, visit Banco Popular or Scotiabank online.
  • In Store. You’re always welcome at our Road Town or Virgin Gorda store